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Primary mission

Task 1: Maintaining Systematic Collection of Knowledge and Research 

03Objective :
Serve as a regional center for training and dissemination of knowledge in the fields of finance, international trade, investment, technology and development.
Implementation :
Compile information from various sources and conduct research on topics unexplored by other organizations to build up a complete body of knowledge on relevant subjects.

Task 2: Dissemination of Knowledge

04Objective :
Become a regional center in disseminating knowledge compiling from various sources or research, and modifying such output into training activities, seminars, workshops, and meetings.
Implementation :
Render academic services to personnel in Thailand and other developing countries in the Asian Region and beyond in order to facilitate their integration into global economy.

Task 3: Promoting and Strengthening Economic Cooperation


Objective :
Provide a venue where personnel from various countries can learn the implications of relevant issues and share their views in an informal and non-binding setting.
Implementation :
Explore ways and means as well as topics or subjects of mutual concern and invite stakeholders to engage in a process of building greater understanding.