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Strategy Plan

ITD’s Stratrgic Plan
during the Fiscal year 2015 – 2016

The 1st Strategy: Strengthening the ITD’ Role as a Knowledge Center for Trade and Sustainable Development

Implementation Approaches: To strengthen the ITD’s role as a regional technical center for trade and development as well as sustainable investment, it is necessary to further extend its missions in the region and sub-region. Therefore, it is necessary for the ITD to develop its information technology system to improve its capacity to be more effective, quick responsive and compatible to the changing world. Moreover, the content should be kept update, in-depth and thoroughly synthesized and compiled both in terms of quantitative, qualitative and technical or 360 degree analysis. The IT system is another channel in communicating with other ministries and major government organizations, universities and network organizations locally and in the Asian region, international organizations and all related organizations. The ITD also needs to revise its role in building brand and new image to comply with international standard in term of personnel, instructor and researcher. At the same time, the ITD should continually publicize itself to be extensively organized through various media and channels both locally and internationally.

The 2nd Strategy: Developing Knowledge Management Innovations for Appropriately Using in the Emerging Issues

Implementation Approaches: One of the objectives in establishing the ITD is to support other developing countries especially those in Asia to help them enhance their potential and capacity in designing appropriate economic policy and in drafting compatible legal measures. The ITD, therefore, needs to compile its technical accomplishments and compare to the changing economic situation as well as the emerging issues, in order to update the data to cover all dimensions by integrating and linking its data base system with that of all network organizations. (public organizations, universities,  and international technical data resources)  Besides, the ITD needs to subscribe for many technical magazines and other research data bases from outstanding organizations locally and internationally. The received data are analyzed and synthesized into knowledge and further developed into recommendations or implementation framework for policy designing and for preparing appropriate legal measures domestically and internationally. The ITD needs to integrate its work with all related organizations both in public and private sectors, as well as universities through the linkage of modern IT to build up continuity and velocity at all levels.

The 3rd Strategy: Enhancing Its Regional and Sub-regional Roles in Technical Cooperation and Related Activities

Implementation approaches: Since the ITD is founded under the agreement between the royal Thai government and the United Nations by the Royal Decree on the Establishment of  the International Institute on Trade and Development B.E. 2544, the ITD’s framework on technical services has to comply with the current context and working criteria of UNCTAD which focused on the sustainable development policy in the least developed countries in Africa;  the macro economy, debt situation and fund raising for development; the international trade and commodities; investment and enterprises development; and last but not least technology and trade logistics.

The 4th Strategy: Support the Potential Development of   Personnel and the Improvement of Organization Management

Implementation Approaches: To support the potential development of personnel and the improvement of organization management, the ITD needs to adjust its groundwork and management system to be more effective such as reforming the structures of task management and human resources management, laying strong foundation and quickly building up new core personnel, creating and enhancing good organization value, all of which will create a new working method that everyone shares the same goals.

However, if considering the ITD’s missions, policy/strategy, situation, the changing economy and the emerging issues on trade and development, the ITD’s Board of Directors decided to set up the area of work as following;

  1. UNCTAD’s context on trade and development such as that stated in its various Flagship Reports for example Trade and Development Report, World Investment Report, Technology and Innovation Report.
  2. The 2030 Agenda Sustainable Development Goals – SDGs
  3. ASEAN and the neighboring countries in CLMV (Cambodia, Lao, Myanmar, Vietnam)
  4. The social, education and cultural development
  5. The legal measures related to trade and development both bilateral, regional/sub-regional and multi-lateral.

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