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30, March @ 8:30 am - 1, April @ 8:00 pm

The trading negotiations have main influence on trading opportunities as it helps to develop economy of country. The concept of international trading negotiation is one of strategies which supports and solves trading problems that keep increasing. The trading problems are also more complicated. The successful and efficient international trading negotiations have to consist of many elements which are defining goals, arranging organization, defining people who attend in negotiating process, defining strategies etc. Every aspect has to be compounded efficiently. The negotiator who provides reactions and strategies, realizes techniques and provides good skills of negotiation will meet the goal. This will bring most economic benefits to country.
Current international trade does not mean only trade in goods but also trade in services which are some of economics goods that are intangible products. The forms of purchasing, exchanging, producing and consuming are different from trade in goods. World Trade Organization: WTO specifies the forms of international trade in services in General Agreements on Trade in Services: GATs for 4 modes of services supply as following

Mode 1 Cross-border supply
Mode 2 Consumption abroad
Mode 3 Commercial presence
Mode 4 Presence of natural person

Nowadays, the negotiations of trade in services are brought to discuss widely on international occasion; therefore, it has an effect on trade in services and the negotiations keep being intense in many countries. Developed countries and developing countries specify the reaction of negotiations in order to move the economy in their countries. Therefore, negotiations are really crucial and necessary for responsible and concerned people of international negotiation especially trade in services which the negotiator needs to understand the context of free trade policy, principles of negotiations, means/technique of negotiations including concerned issues. It will help negotiations of trade in services to succeed and meet the goal and it will help to move economy continuously.

The representatives from government who perform duties which concern with defining international trade policy and negotiations of trade in services and specialists from Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam and Thailand for 40 persons

Date of activity
On 31 March – 1st April 2016 at United Nations Conference Centre, Bangkok


Activities Information

Activity start :30 March 2016

Activity end :1 April 2016

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March 30, 2016 @ 8:30 am
April 1, 2016 @ 8:00 pm
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