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Seminar “Sustainable Investment Promotion for Integrating GVC in developing countries”

18, August @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Global value chains (GVCs) are playing an increasingly important role in business strategies, which has profoundly changed international trade and development paradigms. GVCs now represent a new path for development by helping developing countries accelerate industrialization and the “servicification” of the economy. From a firm perspective, production in the context of GVCs highlights the importance of being able to seamlessly connect factories across borders, as well as protect assets such as intellectual property. From the policy maker perspective, the focus is on shifting and improving access to resources while also advancing development goals, and also on the question of whether entry into GVCs delivers labor-market-enhancing outcomes for workers at home, as well as social upgrading. GVCs can lead to development, but, at the country level, constraints such as the supply of various types of labor and skills and inadequate absorptive capacity remain. GVCs can create new opportunities on the labor demand side, but supply and demand cannot meet if the supply is missing. This potential gap illustrates the importance of embedding national GVC policies into a broader portfolio of policies aimed at upgrading skills, physical and regulatory infrastructure, and enhancing social cohesion.” : Excerpt from “Making Global Value Chain Work for Development” paper published by World Bank, authored  by Daria Taglioni and Deborah Winkler.

The programme is designed as two tracks, in order to maximize participant’s understanding of the core topic and to anchor key concepts of GVC. (1) seminar to provide high level policy introduction to the topic concurrently, followed by (2) policy workshops, used to demonstrate specific tools used to develop national policy framework and to critique current policies.

Target Audience: Senior level official working in the areas of national development and planning, investment promotion, special economic zone administrator, trade facilitation and international competition law. This also may include economist, policy makers, think tank groups and researches in the field of GVC, supply chain, investment policy and national economic and socio development experts and industrialisation policy analyst.

Seminar track : What are GVCs and why they matter, how to measure participation, and how policy can help achieving development through GVCs: a three steps process.

  • Defining participation and upgrading in GVCs (30’, PPT 03)
  • What it means to participate a GVC
  • What it means to upgrade a GVC
  • Achieving broad-based development through GVC participation
  • Patterns of GVC Integration and GVC Trajectory
  • A taxonomy of countries’ GVC participation
  • How to develop competitive GVC policies within national investment policies or regimes
    • The role of policy for economic upgrading in GVCs
    • The role of ESG for economic upgrading in GVCs

Policy Workshop track*

  • Global Value Chains (GVCs): From Policy to Action
  • Mapping where your country’s participation in the GVC (quantitative tool)
  • Methodologies for quantifying countries’ upgrading in GVCs
  • Developing rules to classify countries by GVC type and characteristics
  • Determining Firm capabilities and upgrading
  • Linking GVC analysis to policy
  • Policy assessment based on different GVC concepts
  • GVC Policy Framework Case Study


*Requires active participation and class assignment


18 August 2017 at Arnoma Grand Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand

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18 August 2017
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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