Press Release

RSS Feeds

International Institute for Trade and Development (public organization) publish the information of RSS Feed under the topics as follows; Please kindly be informed that the user should have RSS reader as suggestion below. ​​​

What is RSS Feed?

RSS or Really Simple Syndication is the service on the internet that the user will receive press release or the new information through the screen or the RSS Feed service tool automatically (there are many types of tools) the user can add URL of the RSS topic that they interested through the tool only once time then they can access the information and news as soon as it is updated, do not need to check up for the new information.

How to receive RSS Feed service?

If the user want to read the RSS information, the user must have reader tool which have many choice to choose and have differently format depend on the user’s satisfaction and purpose of user. There are 3 suggestions as follows

  • Reading through Web Browser such as Internet Explorer 7 and Mozilla Firefox
  • Reading through Web besed reader such as MY Yahoo!, MY MSN and Google.
  • Reading through other program such as RSS Reader to write script for read the information on website with the customized format