“To be a leading knowledge management organization for the betterment of international trade and development in Southeast Asia”


To enhance the capacity building of developing countries, at both regional and sub-regional levels, in constituting economic policies and legal measures collaboratively.

To organize trainings and undertake researches that link international trade and development with globalization in order to advance human resource capabilities at both regional and sub-regional levels.

To support and enhance regional economic integration through the exchange of experiences and knowledges.

To be a dedicated trainings and activities centre in collaboration with UNCTAD and other international organizations that focus on trade and development.


Important targets/ objectives:

  1. Individuals were acknowledged of their capabilities related to trade.
  2. Academic products have been widely accepted, and policy recommendations have been utilized.



individual capability in trade and development through development of regional collaborative mechanisms in order to remain relevant in today’s changes.


up-to-date academic products, while addressing regional trade competition and development.


organization through regional cooperation through innovative solution.

Authority ITD


To provide knowledge to participants from countries in the Asian region and beyond through training and research programmes in the area of international trade, finance, investment and development and in other relevant areas to enable them to adjust effectively to the globalization and liberalization process


To assist developing countries in the Asian region in building their capacities to formulate appropriate economic policies and legislative adjustments in accordance with their policies


To promote and strengthen regional economic cooperation and integration through sharing and exchanging of experiences and knowledge


To serve as a focal point and provide a forum for training and capacity-building activities by UNCTAD and other interested organizations