itd Information Center

Part 1: Basic information of the government report

Part 2: Performance result of Official Information Act, B.E. 2540

  • 1. Compliance with Section 7

    • 1.1 Submission of information under Section 7 (1) (2) and (3) for publication in the Government Gazette

    • 1.2 Display of information under Section 7 (1) (2) (3) and (4) for dissemination at the electronic information center of each organization

  • 2. Compliance with Section 9

    • 2.1 Display of information under Section 9 (1) – (7)

    • 2.2 Display of the results of consideration of the procurement of work monthly basis according to the monthly procurement report form 1

    • 2.3 Display of the information based on the transparency benchmark and the organization’s transparency indicators (procurement of supplies, public service, administration, budget management, human resource management, and monitoring and evaluation)

    • 2.4 Display of the research that used the government budget (research title, list of researchers, employment contract amount and research duration) and related beneficial information (land registration, document, location document)

    • 2.5 Display of public announcement, announcement of the winner of procurement, contract approval for order or employment

    • 2.6 Information service for public at the electronic information center

  • 3. Compliance with Section 11

  • 4. The organization has an order which not allowed to publish the information according to section 15 or an order not to receive the stakeholder rejection according to section 17 or not adjust, change, delete personal information as request.

  • 5. Compliance with Section 23 (3) about personal data management system which the government organization will publish in the Government Gazette about personal data information such as type of person that kept the information, source of information, etc.

  • 6. Provide the training course to disseminate knowledge and understanding about the Information Act for the officer in the organization (1 previous year)

  • 7. Problem and obstacle in order to compliance the Information Act for government B.E. 2540 (the most problem of the organization, select 1 choice)

  • 8. Future operation plan (kindly specify the plan/ project that will continue the process about solve the problem and obstacle, including compliance the Information Act for government B.E. 2540, if no plan/ project kindly specify as “No”)

  • 9. Recommendation and demand of support for organization to compliance the Act

  • 10. Do you think that the penalty under the Information Act enough to enforcement the law or not?

Government performance monitoring report form according to compliance the Information Act for government B.E. 2540 in the fiscal year B.E. 2563 (1 October 2562 – 30 September 2563)