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Empowering Peru’s MSMEs: Advancing Green and Sustainable Practices

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On March 26, 2024, the International Institute for Trade and Development (ITD) hosted a significant event aiming to promote green, sustainable, and innovative practices among Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs).

Mr. Suphakit Chareonkul, Executive Director of the International Institute for Trade and Development (ITD), along with other dignitaries including Dr. Alberto Maurer of Instituto Tecnológico de la Producción (ITP), and Mr. Eduardo Sal y Rosas Freyre of Agencia Peruana de Cooperación Internacional (APCI), welcomed participants and emphasized the importance of green initiatives.

Key sessions included discussions led by Dr. Rajan Sudesh Ratna from UNESCAP, focusing on global trade rules concerning green and sustainability standards. Dr. Chandhit Sawangnate facilitated interactive sessions aimed at enhancing participant engagement and learning.

The 10-day training program aims to empower participants with the necessary knowledge, skills, and resources to drive sustainable development within MSMEs in Peru. By fostering a culture of innovation and sustainability, the initiative seeks to catalyze positive change in the business landscape, ultimately contributing to environmental protection and economic growth.