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16 May 2024 Development of Smart Tourism in ASEAN
Tourism plays a significant role in the ASEAN economy, contributing up to 12% of the region’s overall GDP, according to UNWTO (2022). Following the Covid-19 crisis in 2020, global international...
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2 May 2024 Singapores new SkillsFuture Level-Up Programme
Although Singapore is one of the wealthiest countries globally and regionally, it still faces numerous challenges, including domestic issues such as high living costs and external challenges like geopolitical tensions...
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22 March 2024 Viet Nam in 2045: Development Prospects and Challenges
Currently, Viet Nam is a Southeast Asian country that has garnered significant attention due to its high economic growth rate and large consumer base with nearly 90 million people. Foreign...
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8 November 2023 Cooperation Development with Neighboring Countries
Thailand holds a strategic advantage that the center of connectivity in the Asia-Pacific region. This positioning allows Thailand to facilitate economic linkages with emerging market, particularly within the BIMSTEC and...
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