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ITD co-organized the UNESCAP – USAID Round Table on BIMSTEC: Post-Summit Progress and Way Ahead

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On December 8–9, 2022, the International Institute for Trade and Development (Public Organization) in partnership with USAID, UNESCAP, BIMSTEC, and SANEM co-organized the UNESCAP–USAID Round Table on BIMSTEC: Post-Summit Progress and Way Ahead at the Residence Room, Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok.

The Roundtable was divided into eight sessions: “Enhancing Trade and Strengthening Value Chains in BIMSTEC”, “Making the BIMSTEC FTA a Reality”, “Opportunities in Paperless Trade in BIMSTEC: Tasks Ahead”, “Infrastructure Connectivity and Trade Facilitation in BIMSTEC: What Next”, “Facilitating Investments in the Region: Challenges and Opportunities”, “BIMSTEC Cooperation for Dealing with Macroeconomic Challenges”, “Toward Sustainable Energy Transition in BIMSTEC”, and the Concluding Session: “Scaling up BIMSTEC”.

The main objective of this Round Table is to exchange views on trade and enhance connectivity in the BIMSTEC region. As a regional cooperation initiative, BIMSTEC encourages cooperation on key economic areas, such as trade, investment, transport, and communications. In this connection, member countries are not only pursuing the BIMSTEC Free Trade Area but also promoting trade and investment among member countries. There were 66 on-site and 44 online participants, including local and foreign government officials, policymakers, and stakeholders from the BIMSTEC Member Area who attended the Round Table.

On this occasion, the welcoming ceremony was presided over by Mr. Manu Sitthiprasasana, Executive Director of the International Institute for Trade and Development and a very special remarks from Mr. Steven G. Olive, Mission Director of the United State Agency for International Development.